Photography Tour In Delhi

You can get a feel the grandeur of Jaipur via various heritage hotels that you can choose as per you wish and budget. We offer food tour plans to suit both your choice and pocket. Rajashthan is famous for its hotels as it is for its forts and palaces. Staying in a heritage hotel, which is an old palace or mansion turned in to a hotel is one of the most sought after experiences for tourists in Rajasthan

There are many places which serve tolerably good international cuisines such as continental and Chinese. But when you are in Rajasthan, there is no substitute for the original Rajasthani food. A lot of Rajasthani dish are very hot due to their love for chillies, but it shouldn’t dissuade anyone from trying it. Even a person who can’t eat spicy food can enjoy Rajasthani food without any worries under proper guidance. Either way, the charm of enjoying traditional Rajasthani food as you soak in the royal culture can’t be overstated.

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from Photography Tour In Delhi

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