Indian Cooking Class – 5 Hours | Cooking In Delhi

Quick Introduction to Indian Cooking

This is the most basic and easiest class for beginner cooks and people who are not familiar with Indian cooking but want to learn to cook a good Indian meal with a few additions like snacks, chutneys, drinks and desserts. Over a duration of 5 hours, your cooking instructor will teach you the about usage, history and finer points of various spices, masalas (spice blends), dishes you will learnCooking classes in India to cook and various other important facts which make for a great Indian food dish. The knowledge imparted in this cooking class helps the guests grasp the basic principles of Indian cooking which are applicable in most major Indian cuisines, The average duration of this cooking class is 5 hours and includes the a number of dishes
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Chef Rajeev Your cooking instructor in these cooking classes will be Rajeev Goyal. He is an excellent guide of the multifaceted and delightful Indian cuisine. Since 2010, he has been leading a number of food related activities like food walks, cooking classes, introduction to spices and tea tasting…

Agra Photography Tour – Agra Food Tour

Agra Photography Tour

Agra Photography Tour

This photography tour of Agra lets you explore and photograph most worth visiting monuments of Agra city not just limited to Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Your photography guide helps you understand the lesser known details of each place you visit and rich history of this ancient city. This is an excellent choice for casual as well as dedicated photographers who want to take some memorable professional quality pictures to keep the memories of their trip to Taj Mahal fresh for a life time.
Instead of worrying about finding good spots to take pictures or how to take them, you can rely on the expertise of your photography guide to make sure that your photos are the best and will be more than just worth sharing with friends and family.


After pickup from Delhi, the driver takes you to Agra where the local guide meets you and takes you on the guided heritage tour of Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and some other places of interest. Lunch from a high quality restaurant is provided during the tour. Drop back in Delhi after the tour is over.
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Photography tour of Taj Mahal which helps you take the best pictures. You can also use the services of professional photographer guide to take your own photos

Food Tours In Delhi

Mini Food Walk old delhi

Food Tours In Delhi

This is a quick food walk through Chawari Bazar, a street which has the best street food from some of the oldest street food places in Delhi. It is a great choice for foodies who want to taste as many street food dishes as possible in shortest amount of time. This food walk takes you to 7-8 different food joints, most of them family owned business for multiple generations and you can expect to taste up to 11-14 different dishes in just 2 hours. You will taste mouth watering Indian snacks like kachori, kulfi, chaat, aaloo tikki, kheer and a few other local and international delicacies cooked in a typical Delhi style.

Average Duration: 2 Hours approx.
Number of food dishes included: 11-13 from 6-8 food joints. All snacks and desserts equivalent to one meal.
Food Type : Vegetarian food only.
Cost: INR 2000 per guest.
Places visited: Chawari Bazar and a few other streets in Old Delhi
Meetup point: Ticket counter near Gate number 2 of Chawari Bazaar Metro station. If coming by car, then gate number 3 of Jama Masjid.
Drop off point: Chawari Bazaar Metro station.. Pickup drop in air-conditioned car from hotel in most areas of Delhi available for INR 1400 for group.
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Indian Food Tours in New Delhi : We offer private and customized Indian food tours and sightseeing (food walks), city walk tours in Delhi. It is a city tour, food walk, sightseeing, urban explorat…

Photography Tour In Delhi

Photo Tours of Special Markets

Photo Tours of Special Markets

This is a special kind of photography tour in Delhi city which covers some really special markets of the city. In this photo tour, the guests have the choice of visiting some unique wholesale markets of flowers, grains, fish, chicken, handicrafts and a large locality dealing in junk of various types and a few more. Some of these markets start their business early morning at about 4:30 am and the tours usually start at this time. A late start on certain days for certain markets can be accommodated too. It is unlike any other photography walk and helps you take pictures of very interesting things, people and processes which are a mystery to most people of the city. It is a fast paced tour with breaks only in between traveling from one place to another.
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Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Jodhpur

Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Jodhpur

Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Jodhpur

DAY 3, Delhi-Agra: Taj Mahal

Wake up early and get in to your vehicle for a 3 hours drive to Agra. Leave your luggage at the hotel and reach Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world. According to most people, it looks much better in real life than in photos. Enjoy your time there, soaking in all the sights and thousands of small but mind blowing details that most people miss without someone to tell them. Take a walk in the gardens and enjoy the play of water in fountains which increase it’s beauty many times over. Sit on the marble bench and get your photos clicked in the same place where countless celebrities like Diana have posed for pictures. Walk out and reach Agra Fort made of red sandstone for an interesting history lesson. As you walk through various parts of the fort, notice the breathtaking views of Taj Mahal as well as the Agra town which will come up. After this, we’ll take a walk through the centuries old and famous Agra market and take a look at the wide variety of colourful art and various other things on display.
ACTIVITIES: Agra sightseeing
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch .
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Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Jodhpur Places covered: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Jodhpur. Activities: Food tours, cooking classes, photo walks, camel rides, playtime with elephants, …

Photography Tours

Photography Tours in India

Photography Tours

Photographer For Hire

A great choice for people who’d prefer someone else take the photographs of them and the places they visit. If you don’t wish to carry big, complicated and heavy cameras around everywhere you are traveling to, but still want to have professional quality photographs, then choose this service for photographs which will keep your memories colourful and fresh for eternity. You can use this service with your normal sightseeing tours and activities almost anywhere. For example, you can combine this service with our food tours for as low as INR 3000 for a group. The photographer will travel with you and take the pictures of places you are visiting and of you wherever you want them.
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Photography Tours For people interested in photography in any way, our travel photography related services are an ideal way of making your trip even more memorable and colourful. We have a team of …

Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Udaipur

Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Udaipur

Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Udaipur

Places covered: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Udaipur.
Activities: Food tours, cooking classes, photo walks, playtime with elephants, kitchen tours, introduction to spices, city walks.
Mode of transport: By road
Accommodation: A mix of best luxury and heritage hotels.
Transport: In comfortable air-conditioned vehicles.
Sightseeing: Major landmarks of all cities in addition to some hidden gems on the way
Duration: 9 days, 8 nights. ( Option to add more days)

DAY 2: Cooking Magic

It’s time to cook some of the things that you sampled the day before in a half day cooking class led by a chef and his family. The class will begin with making of masala chai (Indian tea) along with some fried Indian snacks, pakodas which are best enjoyed hot. Enjoy your piping hot chai with pakodas as the chef gives you an introduction about Indian food and he things to expect during the cooking class. Then it’ll be the time to don the aprons and start cooking. You’ll learn to cook proper Indian meals consisting of pulao, daaal (lentils), egg plant,raita, rotis (flat Indian breads), stuffed paranthas (stuffed and fried rotis), vegtables and more. Dessert will be in form of halwa. Non-vegetarian food can also be covered in form of butter chicken, chicken tikka, mutton curry etc. The cooking class will end with a meal of all the things cooked by you. All the participants will also receive a small gift hamper of some of the basic Indian spices used in a typical north-Indian kitchen. After the cooking class, you can visit India Gate, Rajpath and President’s House. This area is the favourite family picnic spot for residents of New Delhi and is quite picturesque, specially after dark.
ACTIVITIES: Cooking class, sightseeing
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch.
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Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Udaipur Places covered: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Udaipur. Activities: Food tours, cooking classes, photo walks, playtime with elephants, kitchen tou…