Indian Cooking Class – 5 Hours | Cooking In Delhi

Quick Introduction to Indian Cooking

This is the most basic and easiest class for beginner cooks and people who are not familiar with Indian cooking but want to learn to cook a good Indian meal with a few additions like snacks, chutneys, drinks and desserts. Over a duration of 5 hours, your cooking instructor will teach you the about usage, history and finer points of various spices, masalas (spice blends), dishes you will learnCooking classes in India to cook and various other important facts which make for a great Indian food dish. The knowledge imparted in this cooking class helps the guests grasp the basic principles of Indian cooking which are applicable in most major Indian cuisines, The average duration of this cooking class is 5 hours and includes the a number of dishes
from Photography Tour In Delhi
Chef Rajeev Your cooking instructor in these cooking classes will be Rajeev Goyal. He is an excellent guide of the multifaceted and delightful Indian cuisine. Since 2010, he has been leading a number of food related activities like food walks, cooking classes, introduction to spices and tea tasting…

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