Photography Tour In Delhi

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For people interested in photography in any way, our travel photography related services are an ideal way of making your trip even more memorable and colourful. We have a team of award winning professional photographers and travellers who can help you in any way you need. We offer following travel photography and photography tour services in India:
1) Customised Photography Tours. An ideal way of capturing sights of any place, these photography tours take you to all the famous and not so famous corners. These tours can be availed by professional photographers as well as beginners who wish to take some great photographs of the places they are traveling to. Our photography guides help you make the best use of your time and equipment to take some really great photographs. You will also receive assistance in interacting with locals, food, entry in to places of interest and much more. These tours can be of 4 hours duration or can go on for multiple days depending upon the tour itinerary.
3) Photo Walks Led by one or more professional photographer, these photo walks help you explore the city by walking around the city at your own pace. These photography walks take you to some unseen places of the city where you can interact with locals, see sights missed by normal tourists and capture all this in your camera. Depending upon schedule and requirements, these photography walks can be private or in a group.
Price of these photo tours and services starts from INR 2000 (USD 31) and the schedule can be customised according to requirements of the guests. We are launching some different types of photo tours in India which will be based on themes like history, wildlife, food and various other points of interest in India. Contact us for more information.”
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