Riding a cycle rickshaw through a busy Sunday market in Old Delhi

Riding a cycle rickshaw through a busy Sunday market in Old Delhi.
We captured this video while riding a cycle rickshaw in Old Delhi through a street called Laal Kua. Most shops remain closed on Sunday but there is a bust street market with vendors selling items of daily use like clothing, towels, vegetables, fruits and other stuff.

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Cooking Bedmi Puri for breakfast in a street food shop in Old …

Cooking Bedmi puri for breakfast in a food shop in Old Delhi. This puri is made of wheat flour, spiced lentils and eaten with potato curry or sometimes with sweet and spicy pumpkin dish.
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Kabootar Baazi in Old Delhi, India

Kabootar Baazi is an ancient sport in which players train their pet pigeons to fly around on their commands and get pigeons from other flocks to join them. The owner instruct the birds to fly, make turns or land by whistling, waving a cloth or shouting some specific words. The losing owner can get the birds back by paying some amount or exchanging, but there is no guarantee that the birds will stay or move again.

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