Late Evening Delhi Food Tour with Amanda and Nick Ebner

Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name: Amanda and Nick Ebner Tour Date : 19th October 2013

We started this food tour late evening by starting in Old Delhi, then visiting a few places in New Delhi including Hauz Khaas, Connaught Place and Chanakyapuri. Food lovers’ paradise in Delhi If you have a single day in Delhi – even a half day! -and do nothing else, TAKE THIS TOUR. As an Indian food enthusiast and adventurous traveler, the Indian Food Tour in Delhi was one of the most enjoyable travel experiences of my entire life. Rajeev and Jaidev were professional, communicative, humorous, friendly, and protective – all the qualities you’d want in tour guides and food experts, especially in a country where street food and culture can be intimidating.

From our first bite of curry in Chandni Chowk to our last late-night beer in New Delhi, this tour was nonstop action, learning, and flavor. We sampled chaat, sniffed and sneezed our way through the spice market, tasted a kebab unlike any other, discovered new Indian breads and curries we’d never tried before in the States, feasted on kulfi fit for a king (truly – the ice cream maker caters royal and celebrity weddings), visited a Sikh temple food kitchen, checked out European-style chicken pastries and artisan chocolate at Connaught Place, and finished up with a laid-back evening at a local live music joint where we heard awesome indie musicians over some spicy french fries.

You truly cannot miss this one-of-a-kind experience – Rajeev tailors everything to YOUR tastes, YOUR preferences and YOUR timeline, meaning the tour can be as short as 5 hours and as long as…all night! You will be able to taste foods you would never try on your own and learn the food and cultural histories of everything you eat – Rajeev is a born-and-bred Delhi food expert, and it shows. If ever we return to Delhi, the first call we’ll make is to Rajeev for a “redux.” Cannot miss!
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